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Pergolas from Sentry Fence are ideal for defining an outdoor space while maintaining a natural sense of flow. Some may consider pergolas and arbors to be similar but they actually have very different purposes. Arbors are genreally small structures that are usually arched at the top and they often are placed at the entrance of garden. Pergolas are larger structures with flat roofs that provide shade over a seating area or along a walkway.

Pergolas create an air of comfort in any setting. From a formal living space in an English garden to the viewing area of a a back lawn, these structures can be used in a variety of applications. Pergolas are custom-designed to add architectural details complementary to their surroundings. Climbing plants can be trained to grow on a pergola. Fragrant flowers add delicately scented ambiance to a seating area, while fruiting plants like grapes or berry vines provide a convenient snack along a walkway.

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